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Parag Gandhi, COO

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Parag Gandhi

Parag Gandhi completed his studies and attained an undergraduate degree in Commerce in Udaipur, India. His first foray into the diamond industry started with a training program at a manufacturing facility in Mumbai followed by an assortment program at a leading diamond company. He joined his family’s diamond company with a focus on trading polished diamonds. Parag wanted to broaden his exposure to the industry and left the family business to become a trusted broker. He facilitated trades for both rough diamonds and polished diamonds with companies across Belgium, Hong Kong, India and Israel. Parag’s expertise and drive led Rajesh to recruit him in the early 1990s to join the Choron Group in Antwerp. Parag is responsible for the global rough diamonds trading operations and he overlooks the precise assortment and preparation of rough diamonds to cater to the client base. He supervises the inventory management and the pricing strategy for the rough diamond division. Parag is also tasked with general management of the Group operations.

Parag is a member of the Antwerpsche Diamantkring  and Beurs voor Diamanthandel.


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