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Diamond Manufacturing

Unveiling Nature’s Beauty

The Choron Group has developed a niche rough diamond manufacturing arm dedicated to procuring exceptional large rough diamonds from every corner of the world. 

Choron carefully selects the highest quality large rough diamonds known to man after our teams have completed a thorough assessment of each magnificent diamond. As custodians of these remarkable gifts from Mother Nature, our master craftsmen use their unparalleled experience in tandem with state-of-the-art technology to unlock the secrets and beauty within each rough diamond.

Diamonds and Cutting Tools

The Journey is the Most Important Facet

Each extraordinary rough diamond has an untold story and we take on the responsibility to reveal its narrative and help each diamond achieve its greatest potential. Within world class manufacturing facilities, our highly skilled specialists use revolutionary technology to determine the maximum value of each diamond with precise planning. Equipped with cutting edge lasers and advanced polishing tools, our specialized polishers work around the clock to deliver sensational cut and polished diamonds. 

Every finished polished diamond is submitted to the Gemological Institute of America for certification. In order to preserve the provenance of each diamond, Choron opts for the GIA Diamond Origin Report so each rough diamond and its country of origin can be matched to the resulting polished diamonds. The country of origin is available in each report and provides our discerning clients with the ultimate assurance of the journey of each diamond.

It has been a privilege for Choron to have been guardians of so many incredible rough diamonds that have been transformed into special polished diamonds that provide a lasting legacy for each eventual client.