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Polished Diamonds

Serving our Clients Around the Clock

The Choron Group has established an extensive network of global offices with the sole objective of serving our clients and their polished diamonds requirements. Our devoted representatives collaborate personally with each client to fulfill every demand. 

Through its international distribution operations, Choron attends to a broad spectrum of clients throughout the industry pipeline, whether it be small businesses, individual retail stores, international diamond houses or prestigious jewelry brands.

Three Polished Diamonds Over a Map
Three Heart-Shaped Polished Diamonds

No Diamond too Large, No Order too Small

Our comprehensive range of polished diamonds allow us to meet the various needs of our distinguished clients. Our innovative inventory and sales systems ensure each client is able replenish their inventory and cater to their customers in real-time. Our contracted logistics partners enable us to deliver each order to any corner of the world.  

Decades of tireless commitment has helped us build an unrivalled competitive advantage across the board. Our inventory is comprised of smaller goods (-2, stars, melees, pointers), pointers and certified diamonds from 0.30 carats up to 100 carats. We offer the entire scale of standard colors and fancy colors and our clients have the choice of every recognized shape under the sun.

Integrity is in our DNA

Choron utilizes in-house Diamond Verification Instruments in compliance with the Assure Program, and engages reputable diamond grading laboratories if necessary, to protect our inventory from the risk of contamination by undisclosed synthetic diamonds. Our policies mandate that diamonds weighing 0.30 carats or more must be certified with a grading report from the Gemological Institute of America, HRD Antwerp or the International Gemological Institute. 

Choron is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to each client with a focus on demonstrating our fundamental principles of integrity, respect and transparency. Every polished diamond in our pipeline is a reflection of our values and a testament to the reliability of our supply chain.

Assortment of Polished Diamonds in Different Cuts With a GIA Report Document