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A Diamond in the Rough

The Choron Group was established in 1985 by Rajesh Gandhi in Antwerp, Belgium; the diamond capital of the world. With invaluable experience from his roots in India, Rajesh set out to create a reputed and trusted diamond company. In its early years, Choron focused its operations on procuring rough diamonds from secondary sources in Antwerp and distributing the rough diamonds in India. At the same time, Choron was purchasing polished diamonds from manufacturers in India for distribution to clients across Europe and the Far East.

Relationships are our Backbone

As the business expanded over the years, Choron set sights on developing relationships with the major rough diamond producers in order to secure direct supplies. Throughout the 1990s, Choron solidified its rough diamond supply from key mining companies and transformed into a leading diamond house in the industry. Parallelly, Choron broadened its sales network by increasing its footprint with offices across the globe enabling the polished diamonds division to reach new heights.

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Ushering in a New Era of Corporate Culture

The turn of the millennium brought with it continued success and the addition of a wholesale jewelry arm to service its growing client base. The global presence of the Choron Group led to dedicated efforts to implement corporate social responsibility initiatives with a keen attention to supporting the communities in and around the business operations. Further to this, the Choron Group prioritized its corporate governance and introduced measures to improve transparency and sustainability by appointing independent directors and adopting IFRS accounting & auditing principles.

A Leading Global Diamond House

Today, the Choron Group is a leading international diamond and jewelry Group primarily focused on the sourcing, assortment & sale of rough diamonds, the manufacturing of exceptional rough diamonds, the sale of polished diamonds and the distribution of wholesale jewelry. The Group is amongst a handful of players to procure rough diamonds from major mining companies including De Beers and Sodiam, whilst our polished diamonds division caters to businesses, discerning clients and retailers globally.


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