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The Environment is a Priceless Asset

Map of the Continents Made Out of Leaves

The Choron Group (hereinafter the Company) is committed to protecting the environment by adopting sustainable approaches throughout our operations and spreading awareness. Our primary focus is to reduce carbon emissions to minimize the negative impact on the environment. Sustainability and responsibility are key considerations in our business. 

Climate change and protection of the planet is a global challenge that must be addressed by each individual and every organization. The Company actively undertakes initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility. Our operations are moving toward clean energy with a keen attention to responsible consumption, climate action and life on land.

Our environmental footprint is carefully monitored, and we go to great lengths to follow the blueprint of UN Sustainable Development Goals. Environmental degradation is a challenge we must all face and reverse to ensure that future generations do not suffer the consequences of our actions today.

Make Everyday Earth Day

Illustration of a Lightbulb with a Leaf in It

The Company has implemented measures to reduce our carbon footprint across our operations, minimize our environmental impact and offset carbon emissions through reputed nonprofit organizations. We actively seek to mitigate potential adverse impacts on the environment. 

The Company has a profound dedication to increasing the share of renewable energy in our global energy mix and improving energy efficiency throughout our operations. We follow international frameworks to achieve environmentally sound management of all wastes and we advocate for consumption reduction, recycling and reuse. The management integrates climate change measures into business strategies and promotes mechanisms to effectively reinvigorate the environments in which we operate. 

The Company supports actions to ensure conservation, restoration and sustainable use of many ecosystems (including their biodiversity) and we deploy dedicated resources to effectively deliver our environmental goals.