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Why Choron

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At Choron Group, profitability isn’t our focus. Instead, we aim to be the most respected diamond company, due to the quality, exclusivity, and unrivaled ethics of our brand and products.

Our team exists to revolutionize the midstream of the diamond pipeline. We’re the only place that retailers and manufacturers need to go to find diamonds of superior quality and beauty that have been mined in ethical, eco-friendly ways.

Whether you go with a diamond in the rough or one that’s polished and ready for a custom setting, we’re thrilled to supply you with a storied diamond that can be proudly worn and passed on for years to come.

Two Rough Diamonds and a Diamond Holder

Rough diamonds sustainably curated from international sources

The rough diamond branch of our company focuses on efficiently and eco-consciously extracting earth’s precious resources for our global clientele. Two of the major mining companies we partner with are De Beers and Sodiam. Our tailored assortments of rough diamonds enable manufacturers to purchase precisely what they need without excess diamonds they must resell later. Here at Choron, we love unlocking the story behind large and special stones that will hopefully be remembered for centuries to come as the piece of jewelry they’re cast into is passed down through generations as a family heirloom.

Polished diamonds with unparalleled beauty and unparalleled ethics

The polished diamond branch of our company connects clients and jewelers with natural diamonds of outstanding brilliance and unquestionable origins that are ready to be set into a ring or piece of jewelry that the owner is proud to wear. We’re proud that those who wear jewelry made with a Choron-sourced diamond can show off their sparkle with confidence, knowing the sustainable practices that extracted and refined their diamond at every step of the process. And the sheer variety of polished diamonds we keep in our inventory means that our clients don’t have to shop anywhere else to fulfill their needs.

Assortment of Polished Diamonds in Different Cuts With a GIA Report Document