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Corporate Governance

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Trust is Earned, Not Given

The Choron Group (hereinafter the Company) has adopted a stringent set of mechanisms, practices and processes to ensure that the Group is in compliance with the highest recognized standards. Despite being a family business, the Company has implemented numerous measures akin to a publicly listed company to balance the interests of all stakeholders.

Accountability Breeds Responsibility

The Company has a Board of Directors consisting of senior management and a team of independent directors who either meet or exceed international independence requirements. The Board of Directors have complete oversight over all decisions and key issues relating to the operations with a periodic review of the Company’s objectives. 

The Board of Directors are responsible for corporate strategy, accountability, transparency, and ethical business practices, whilst being mindful to sustainability, socio-economic impact and environmental awareness

The Board of Directors have engaged reputed and respected audit and assurance firms since financial year 2008 to provide a high degree of transparency with detailed reporting and disclosures for all stakeholders including government bodies and regulators.

Illustration of People Having a Meeting in a Boarding Room
Illustration of People Having a Meeting

International Standards are our Baseline

The Company is in adherence with United Nations Resolutions relating to the diamond and jewelry industry in addition to directives of the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control and the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development. The Company is also a certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and is in compliance with the World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties Guidelines.