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Rough Diamonds

Success Lies in the Fundamentals

The Choron Group views rough diamonds as the core of the business. Through our longstanding relationships with the world’s leading diamond mining companies, including De Beers and SODIAM, Choron is able to secure large volumes of ethically sourced rough diamonds.

Choron’s sourcing capabilities deliver reliable supply from all the major diamond producing countries that abide with the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Our supply chain ensures that we are able to provide our clients with consistent supply and the added benefit of knowing that our rough diamonds are conflict-free.

Landscape View of a Diamond Mine in the Sunrise
Two Rough Diamonds and a Diamond Holder

Exclusive Supply Creates its own Demand

Choron is one of a handful of companies that can count on regular supply of rough diamonds from the powerhouses such as De Beers and Sodiam. In addition to this, we work together with smaller diamond mining companies to negotiate the purchase of additional rough diamonds to complement our inventory. Our relationships extend to household players including Arctic Canadian Diamond Company, Lucara Diamond, Okavango Diamond Company and Petra Diamonds as well as diamond mining companies selling through independent tender and auction houses such as Bonas Group.

A Broad Spectrum to Serve Every Client

Choron has centralized its extensive supply of rough diamonds in Antwerp, the world’s diamond capital. Our experienced assortment teams prepare and sort the rough diamonds using our proprietary and renowned rough assortment procedures. This has led to Choron becoming a global leader for precise and curated assortments of rough diamonds thereby allowing us to meet the needs of each and every client.

Choron is deeply committed to providing an unparalleled range of rough diamonds to our clients with extensive controls to ensure that each diamond is responsibly sourced.

Assortment of Rough Diamonds