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The Final Piece of the Puzzle

The Choron Group launched its wholesale jewelry division in response to overwhelming demand from our client base to provide comprehensive product solutions based on our attention to detail, quality and service. 

Choron has assembled an experienced team of jewelry professionals to work alongside our clients in order to transform their visions into reality. Careful attention to product development in cooperation with our clients provides them with the confidence to bring to life original jewelry concepts and trends. Our design teams use their creative talents to propel our clients to the forefront of their target demographic. Our skilled artisans use craft and precision to create each piece of spectacular jewelry.

From Nature to Masterpieces

Our vertical integration from rough diamonds to jewelry supports our ability to efficiently deliver precise diamonds for unique jewelry designs and bespoke jewelry creations. Our global footprint gives us the opportunity to supply wholesale businesses, local retail stores, national retail chains and international multi-brand retailers. 

Choron produces a wide array of jewelry for our esteemed clients. Our versality allows us to cater to single customized jewelry orders as well as entire collections of jewelry destined for retailers. Our jewelry division continues to invest an enormous amount of time into staying at the forefront of the jewelry space with careful analysis of tastes and preferences across age groups, cultures, gender identities, geographic locations and social classes.

A Legacy for the Ages

The ethos at Choron is to deliver iconic jewelry that exceeds all expectations so that the dreams and desirers of every consumer are realized. Our relentless commitment to quality is ingrained in our jewelry and each creation is designed to stand the test of time as it passes down through generations. 

“People who are really serious about diamonds should make their own jewelry.” 

Inspired by Alan Kay